Who are Dees Guys?!

Windy City Beefs N Dogs Chicago Style food is the realization of my lifelong dream of opening a hot dog joint. As a kid growing up in Chicago, I knew of every hot dog stand within shouting distance: Tommy Tucker, Tasty Pup, The Works, Johnnie's, Poochie’s, Hot Dog Island, and Gene & Jude's, to name a few. I knew what drew me in, it was the Chicago Beef sandwiches, Hot Dogs, Sausage and Tamales. I knew instantly at that time that Chicago food was the best in the world.

When I found myself living in Las Vegas that's when I realized I had to bring the Chicago style to LV. You'll find that the flavors of Chicago cannot be beat.So if you are missing the taste of Chicago or you have never had Chicago style, we are thrilled to tempt your tastebuds.

Team Windy City
'da owner